Colnes Footpath Association

Colnes Footpath AssociationThe CFA is about 20 years old and has a membership of about 100, Its shop window has always been a regular monthly walk on the first Sunday of the month. Up until recently the CFA has done much to maintain the public rights of way in the area of the four Colnes as they are shown on the definitive and pathfinder maps. In addition the Association has been a driving force behind negotiations relating to the diversion of certain paths to the advantage of both landowner and walker. Where the creation of new legal rights of way has not been possible the Association has also negotiated courtesy paths. In the '70s and '8Os the County Highways authority was insufficiently funded to police the paths for obstruction and to carry out the necessary maintenance. Improvements in funding devolving much maintenance down to Parish level and the employment of local footpath representatives in each Parish have all meant that the CFA can be less involved in physical work; and can concentrate on helping anyone who cares to join toward a better understanding of local issues and a better knowledge of the paths themselves.

May Walk

It was good to have fine weather for the Bank Holiday weekend and for our May walk.

Starting from Great Tey Village Hall the first part of the walk was on a good track forming part of the Essex Way. Leaving the track a path led us out onto Bacons Lane. Crossing Swan Street the next path skirts an area of woodland, obviously once part of Chalkney Wood, but unnamed on the map. It was here we enjoyed a good show of bluebells and we paused to savour the scent. We walked towards Tippets land before emerging onto Oak Road. The next path crossed over the Earls Colne road to return to the village via the Recreation Ground where there was plenty of activity.

Leaders John and Sylvia have been good friends of our walking group. They will be taking a break from leading walks, but in the past they stepped in to fill the posts of Chairman and Secretary when no one else was willing. Without them we might not be walking as a group today. Although we keep the name, we are no longer an official association with no membership and run on an entirely voluntary basis, inviting anyone to walk with us.

We thanked John and Sylvia for this walk and for their help in the past.

The next walk is the last on our current programme. It will be starting from the car park in Maldon Road, Colchester, and following part of the Roman River. If you access Maldon Road from Tollgate, follow signs for the Zoo. The car park is on the same side as the Zoo but nearer to town.

Alternatively if you access Maldon Road from Straight Road, Lexden, go right to the end, turn right and the car park will be on your left in the vicinity of the Amenity Site. I hope this is helpful.

Leader Nancy will be away immediately before the walk but you can phone her on the day, which is June 1st starting at 2pm. Nancy can be contacted on 01787224689 or myself on 01787223409.

Footpath problems

Contact your local Footpath Officer.

Wakes Colne, Peter Chillingworth 01206 240230 Earls Colne, John Munson or phone 224631

How To Join

Anne Runtle the membership secretary will be delighted to receive your call. In return for £1 minimum subscription members will receive a membership card with the years walks and two newsletters a year.

Anne Runtle 14 lowefields, Earls Colne, C06 2LH (01787) 223409