Cycling Shorts

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Hi, I'm Sam I have just found this website from the google website.
The reason why I would like to leave a comment is because I have just done a 22-mile cycle ride for charity on the Earls Colne airfield today and done it in 1 hour and 33 minutes (obviously stopping because the people had to write what I had done as it was a track event).
As I am a clay pigeon shooter I do not really have time to cycle all of the time so cycling is the best sport I can do when I am not clay shooting.
Anyway getting to the point I have started to cycle after school as I am only 15 I have been doing the Daws Cross route which I call it.
From my house I turn right down Parkhurst lane past the kennels and than at the cross road I continue and I normally turn right down Daws Cross all the way round into Countess Cross and back round.
On my speedometer it says it is just over 5.65 miles and I do that after school everyday for the past three weeks and it is the best cycle ride I have been on and recommend it to everyone!!



The Colne Valley Route is very well explained we enjoyed the route very much.

Carol Baker,
Romford, Essex

Hi Shaun,

My friend and I did the "Tour de Colne Valley" route yesterday.
We saw the deer in the fields by the woods, we saw 2 grouse running along the road, and we got chased by two different sets of dogs.

That first hill is much better at the end when you are coming down it!

All in all a fantastic route and one we shall do again.

Many thanks.

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