Colne Engaine Walk


3 or 4.5 Miles


Colne Engaine , Nr Halstead Essex os852303


This is a circular walk


The car park adjacent to the church, the entrance to which is on the right as you go up the hill into Colne Engaine on the road from Earls Colne.


Bus Service phone the Essex Busline 0345 000333


Five Bells Colne Engaine


Landranger no 168

The Walk

From the car-park turn sharp right into the grounds of the church and follow the path round the front of the church to the divided lichgate. Go through this gate and turn right so you are facing 'Bone the Builders' yard. Go towards this and then turn left up the hill. Go up past the village shop on the left towards the green where the road divides with the triangular green in the middle.

Go up the left-hand fork and when you reach the top of the green look for the the pink house to the left and the house with the walled garden to the right. Between these two is the footpath you must follow. Go along this footpath which is narrow for about 100 yards as it runs behind the gardens of some houses to the left. The hedge to the last house must be one of the most immaculately manicured I have seen I'm sure it must be trimmed daily with nail scissors!

After this hedge the field opens up to the left with a hedgerow to the right. Follow this path until it meets a road at which point turn left along the road.Follow this road for about two-thirds of a mile until you come to a cross-roads.
One point of interest along this stretch is a riding stable you come to on your right after about a quarter of a mile. In a little field at the front you might be lucky enough to see what must be the cheekiest looking horse you have ever seen.
He's a little stallion -white with black spots-who always comes to greet you with a teeth-baring smile which almost tells you that he will chew your buttons off if he gets half a chance. In the past his owners have offered to let us take him for a walk just to give them a break!

Anyway back to the cross-roads. When you reach these go straight across (the road ahead is slightly offset to the right)taking care when you cross as the road going right to left does not have very good visibility and can be quite busy.Then follow this road down into a little valley and then up the hill until you reach a y-junction at which point a decision has to be made.

Are you perhaps a little short of time but feeling fit or have you got time for a longer but more leisurely walk.

If you're the former turn left and follow the road down the hill and then up a long fairly steep hill to Boose Green.
Keep to the right and if you're feeling a bit puffed there is a bench on your right where you can sit and admire the view over to your right which has a sort of Tuscan look if you pretend that the line of poplars in the distance are the tall slim conifers of the Tuscan scene.

Follow the road in front of you (Pebmarsh Road) into Colne Engaine where you will again see the green in front of you.
Keep right passing the village shop on your right and then turn right towards the church retracing your steps towards the car-park.

Now back to Decision Junction! If you do have a bit more time and feel like a longer walk bear right at this junction.
Go along this pretty country lane until you come to a cross-road. Go straight across and follow this country lane. It eventually meets up with the Earls Colne to Colne Engaine road at the bottom of the hill in Colne Engaine. Turn left and walk up the hill and you'll find the car-park on the right just before the church.

If you time it right you'll be just in time for a lovely lunch at the Five Bells Pub just behind the church.!