Over Hall Walk


3.7 Miles


Public car behind the Co-op supermarket in the High Street.


Various pubs and a tea room in Earls Colne.


Landranger no 168

GPX File

Over Hall Walk

The Walk

Leave the car park, turning left and after a short distance turning left again up a small cul-de-sac with the house with a distinctive verandah on your right.

Go through the alleyway at the end of the cul de sac, turning right at the end and continuing straight ahead crossing "Hillie Bunnies" and onwards to the footpath ahead. Follow the footpath and head downhill enjoying the views over the valley(beware at this point of flying golf balls!) as you approach bridge crossing the River Colne.

Cross the bridge and bear left and then slightly uphill, onto the railway path and turn right. After approximately 80/100 yards turn left and keep ahead, bearing right to emerge in a field and follow the path along the right hand edge of the field.

On reaching the road, keep ahead, turn off to the left on a footpath on your left as the road bears right.

Follow the track to the wood and continue through it until just before you reach the field beyond and take the footbridge over the stream to your right (on warm days you can see fish swimming in this stream) and follow the footpath alongside the stream.

Soon you cross another bridge over a weir. keep ahead into the field and continue along the left hand side of this pleasant meadow until you reach a road and then turn right heading up Over Hall hill.

After approx. 200 yards turn right following a footpath sign along a driveway to "The Barn" and "Over Hall Farm", keep ahead to the end of the gravel drive. As you approch the farm buildings and workshop pass to the right of the buildings and through a gap in the hedge and follow the way marks through a small wooded area first turning right and then immediately turning left and climbing a stile to the right of a gate.

On entering the field, bear left and then right ignoring the gap in the hedge to your left and continue along the field edge with the hedgerow on your left.

Take in the wonderful views across the valley over towards Earls Colne as you keep straight ahead along the top of the field going through a gate and continuing ahead with the fence on your left and heading downhill to cross over a stream and a stile. Following the way marks bear right and head for the stile to the right of the left hand gate.

Climb the stile and follow the edge of the field with the hedgerow on your right, follow the field round as it curves to the left until you reach the corner and a stile. Climb over and turn left following the edge of the field to its corner. Cross the footbridge (with care) and climb over the stile to emerge on a road and turn right.

Follow this road as it soon turns first left and then right, at the right hand turn keep ahead following the footpath and passing "Mill Cottage" to your left. Follow the left hand edge of the field. At the corner of the field keep ahead, cross over the railway path and climb another stile and following the way marks, bear right across the meadow and the footbridge over the River Colne and then retrace your steps uphill back to the village.